EOS (Enterprise Output Solution)

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High volume datacenters and other content-intensive businesses that generate, store and manage terabytes of information on a daily basis, face the multi-faceted challenge of capturing, synthesizing, and delivering actionable information where it is needed, when it is needed, and in the required format. RSD EOS (Enterprise Output Solution) is an enterprise-grade distributed output and report management solution designed specifically to meet those challenges. EOS is capable of running on IBM z/OS as well as any open system platform.

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RSD EOS increases productivity and reduces costs by automatically capturing information generated throughout the organization, creating customized report packets and delivering them anywhere, online, in print or via email. EOS is the secure way to manage output. Organizations control content access by delivering only appropriate reports or report sections based on a user’s job function, information access restrictions, disclosure requirements or confidentiality policies. This ability is critical to your business as compliance, regulatory and governance requirements explode along with content volumes.

"The return of investment was achieved six months after the implementation of the product. Not only did we realize important cost savings with EOS, but it also brought a lot of efficiency in terms of internal communication between offices. The immediate availability of reports ensures that employees can now discuss common issues on the basis of simultaneously shared information. We are highly pleased with how EOS responded to the challenge of rationalizing the reporting dataflow at AXA Italy" - Daniele Valentini, head of reporting, AXA Italy

The springboard for RSD GLASS®, EOS serves more than 1200 of the most demanding global enterprise customers. They use EOS to:

  • Facilitate the identification and management of virtually any output datastream as it is created, regardless of the application or platform on which it is generated.
  • Efficiently use storage resources by delivering customized logical reports based on recipient's needs, maintaining only a single copy of the initial content.
  • Fully automate report and content archiving, retrieval and destruction according to easily-configured business rules.
  • Ensure rapid access to all current and historical information related to critical business functions, including customer or partner service and support, production management, and business performance analysis.
  • Address key compliance requirements through comprehensive auditing facilities and by encrypting customer account data on any storage media.

A highly-scalable, flexible and proven solution, RSD EOS enables organizations to achieve concise and compliant information delivery in a heterogeneous and demanding IT environment.

Complementary options are available to address and enhance productivity and compliance initiatives with EOS.  Options include enhanced user interfaces, data protection and encryption, facilities to leverage open systems platforms to reduce z/OS mainframe CPU usage, auditing facilities, and SAP content integration.


Many of these options including web-based user interfaces for both administrators and end-users, data protection and encryption facilities, and other enhanced features are included with the EOS Premium Edition.

> Access the EOS Premium Edition product brief for more information


User Interfaces

EOS Thin Client

The Thin Client extends the power of EOS by providing end-users with a secure, powerful, and easy-to-ease interface from any standard web-browser. Thin Client enables users to easily search for information, export data into compatible formats including Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, as well as selectively distribute and print subsets of information as needed.

With the Thin Client, companies can achieve operational efficiency by providing key staff members access to critical information from any location, at any time, eliminating dependency on cumbersome 3270-based terminals and terminal emulation software, as well as helping to reduce and eliminate unnecessary printing of information.

  • Lowers print costs and eliminates software distribution costs by providing users secure and fast access to business content from any web browser
  • Enhances user experience and productivity with powerful data analysis and search tools – supporting both casual and sophisticated usage
  • Improves decision making with easy and personalized access to business-critical information in any format

EOS Spool Manager

EOS Spool Manager extends the power of RSD EOS (Enterprise Output Solution) by providing a web-based solution that enables operators, systems programmers, and application developers to view Message Class Output including JCL errors, conditions codes, and ABEND information using an intuitive browser GUI.

  • Achieve operational efficiency by providing key staff members access to critical information from any location, at any time
  • Intuitive, familiar, and easy-to-use browser interface lets you eliminate reliance on burdensome 3270-based terminals and terminal emulation software
  • Overcome the challenges of diminishing mainframe subject matter expertise and lack of 3270-based skills in newer staff


Data Protection and Encryption for Privacy & Security


Credit card numbers, social security numbers, private health related information, and other sensitive data that should not be used outside of an organization must be protected from uncontrolled exposure. EOS Data Protection and Encryption efficiently encrypts data and enables compliance for all content and/or report indices. Encrypted data remains encrypted through its lifecycle, regardless of storage media and EOS is the only means by which encrypted data can be decrypted and accessed. Encryption / decryption is transparent to authorized end-users and supports the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), an information security standard for organizations that handle cardholder information for the major credit cards.

  • Automatic alerts to stakeholders when problems arise
  • Increased controls around cardholder data stored in EOS to reduce credit card fraud via its exposure
  • Compliance with the latest Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) defined by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council
  • A complete transparent encryption / decryption process for authorized end-users

Organizations have an increasing responsibility to protect the privacy of customers and employees.  Recent data exposures and security breaches are creating risk, liability, and shredding confidence in breached organizations.


Open Systems

EOS for Open Systems

EOS for Open Systems facilitates the identification and management of virtually any output data stream as it is created – regardless of the application or platform on which it is generated. A highly-scalable, flexible and proven solution, EOS for Open Systems enables organizations to achieve concise and compliant information delivery in a heterogeneous and demanding IT environment across UNIX, Linux, Windows, and other open systems platforms.

Furthermore, EOS allows for information being managed to be seamlessly migrated from IBM z/OS to any open system platform using the EOS Bridge.

EOS Bridge from z/OS to Open Systems

EOS Bridge enables EOS administrators to capture content on z/OS and transfer pre-indexed reports to UNIX, Linux, and other open system platforms for viewing. Utilizing the EOS Bridge, customers can reduce the high cost of MIPS utilized for viewing, and associated costs for storing reports on z/OS, and replace that viewing and storage using lower-cost open system platforms.

  • Reduce mainframe MIPS required for storing and viewing reports on z/OS
  • Utilize lower-cost open system platforms for storing and viewing reports
  • Leverage EOS capabilities to achieve operational efficiency within your organization


ActiVisor for your Auditing Needs

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One of the daily challenges facing large organizations is the ability to quickly and efficiently create, access, and distribute detailed tracking and auditing information for meeting compliance, regulatory and governance requirements. Inevitably, someone will ask for a detailed audit report and the administrator will need to be able to answer the standard who, what, and when questions while corporate security policy sometimes requires limiting access to data based on user identity. RSD ActiVisor enhances RSD’s Enterprise Output Solution (EOS), enabling customers to better understand information and its compliance implications. ActiVisor delivers powerful system analytics, reporting and governance services that dramatically expand the native EOS audit trail.

  • Provides detailed audit trails for content capture, storage, access, and modification
  • Complete visibility into all user actions and system administration statistics
  • Automates audit trail reporting and archiving
  • Eliminates the need to manually gather and analyze data on user and system activities
  • Responds to ad-hoc queries and provides scheduled dashboard summaries of information usage patterns
  • Easily define custom reports, ensuring flexible analysis and reporting as an organization’s needs change


SAP Integration

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The SAP Interface expands the capabilities of EOS by allowing report content generated in SAP™ R/3 to be seamlessly integrated. It leverages native EOS features by automatically capturing and delivering SAP report content as it is generated across the enterprise. This allows organizations to easily secure access to sensitive information by delivering only appropriate SAP reports or report sections, based on a recipient’s job function, information access restrictions, disclosure requirements or confidentiality policies.

  • Enables users to easily access SAP report content through any EOS client option
  • Ensures SAP users receive verification that reports sent to EOS have been successfully processed
  • Integrates SAP report content into custom applications via the EOS API
  • Allows SAP output to be stored using an organization’s preferred archival solution providing the same efficient capture, storage, retrieval and accurate classification you demand for the rest of your information

RSD EOS's SAP Interface provides seamless integration of SAP™ R/3 system output. Organizations are enabled to easily secure access to sensitive information by delivering the right SAP report information to the right people, according to role, access control policy, and disclosure requirements.