EOS (Enterprise Output Solution)


High volume datacenters and other content-intensive businesses that generate, store and manage gigabytes or even terabytes of information on a daily basis, face the multi-faceted challenge of capturing, synthesizing, and delivering actionable information where it's needed, when it's needed, and in the required format. RSD EOS (Enterprise Output Solution) is an enterprise-grade distributed output and report management solution designed specifically to meet those challenges.  EOS is capable of running on IBM z/OS as well as any open system platform.

RSD EOS increases productivity and reduces costs by automatically capturing information generated throughout the organization, creating customized report packets and delivering them anywhere, online, in print or via email. EOS is the secure way to manage output. Organizations control content access by delivering only appropriate reports or report sections based on a user’s job function, information access restrictions, disclosure requirements or confidentiality policies. This ability is critical to your business as compliance, regulatory and governance requirements explode along with content volumes.

The springboard for RSD GLASS®, EOS serves more than 1200 of the most demanding global enterprise customers. They use EOS to:

  • Facilitate the identification and management of virtually any output datastream as it is created, regardless of the application or platform on which it is generated.
  • Efficiently use storage resources by delivering customized logical reports based on recipient's needs, maintaining only a single copy of the initial content.
  • Fully automate report and content archiving, retrieval and destruction according to easily-configured business rules.
  • Ensure rapid access to all current and historical information related to critical business functions, including customer or partner service and support, production management, and business performance analysis.
  • Address key compliance requirements through comprehensive auditing facilities and by encrypting customer account data on any storage media.

Complementary components included in the solutions Total Productivity and Total Compliance as wel as SAP content integration (SAP Interface) are available to expand the capabilities of EOS.

A highly-scalable, flexible and proven solution, RSD EOS enables organizations to achieve concise and compliant information delivery in a heterogeneous and demanding IT environment.